Kidan is continuously evolving its services to meet the high-end expectations of the customers. Taking this aim forward, Kidan is excited to announce its new partnership with the broadly recognized Cloud software Suite provider, the Zoho Corporation. This partnership Kidan has increased its capability to accelerate the cloud transformation journey for its customers by connecting and integrating Zoho’s cloud-based applications.

“Kidan is proud to announce its partnership with the widely known SaaS solutions providers for businesses of all sizes, Zoho. With it, we intend to expand our portfolio and help our customers further with their business challenges thanks to a unique and powerful suite of Software to run organizations entirely.”
Dani Syed – CEO Kidan

About Zoho

Zoho Corporation is specialized in Software as a service, software development, and cloud computing. It was founded in 1996 with its global headquarters in Chennai, India, and corporate headquarters in Pleasanton, California. Zoho has a portfolio of more than 45 applications built with Artificial Intelligence, powerful analytics, unified search, and many others to help businesses solve complex integration challenges. Their best solution is an online office suite named Zoho One, which is used worldwide as a robust suite of Software to run entire business operations.

The vision behind Kidan – Zoho Partnership

As an official partner of Zoho in the Swiss region, Kidan aims to provide the best solutions to manage, connect, and automate business processes across the organization. As a result, our customers looking for enhanced digital power over business operations will have new opportunities to gain operational efficiency and drive business success.

With this partnership, Kidan will offer an AI-powered, integrated range of business services and solutions, i.e. Zoho Desk and Zoho analytics. Kidan will help organizations implement Zoho’s seamless and centralized experience platforms, which unifies all remote workforce on a single interface and provides end-to-end, real-time, and contextual intelligence. In addition, our tech expert will be helping the customers pursue innovation and growth opportunities with Zoho’s powerful analytics and AI engines.

Kidan has always been of the vision to enable business organizations to introduce innovative and reliable applications that enable them to access, operate and analyze real-time data critical to their success. This increased efficiency level will allow the organization to eliminate burdens and hindrances and focus on growth and prosperity.

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