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Our Partners.

Discover the Kidan's authentic and strategic family members and partners.

Discover the Kidan's authentic and strategic family

members and partners.

Why Partner with Kidan?


We aim to become your dedicated and strategic partner. It means we will not leave your side or complete a project until we both are 100% satisfied. Together with our partner, we assure the same thing happens with the customers.


As a member of Kidan’s family and network, you will get involved with us in helping our customers solve their IT and business challenges. We will support you and make our partnership successful by ensuring efforts are made.

We dedicate to the success along with our partners
We provide with utmost care to ensure satisfaction
We make performance a priority and a focus


We believe in sharing and complementing you to make our partnership successful by building joint solutions and services to meet customers’ requirements., Kidan is continually creating opportunities for partners to develop significant revenue that aligns with the biggest IT trends.

Business Solutions Partners

Business solutions partners that provide strategic business solutions for Kidan customers.

Microsoft Kidan Partner
ManageEngine Kidan Partner
Quest Kidan Partner
EaseUS Logo - Kidan Partners
Site24x7 Kidan Partner
Vmware Kidan Partner
Bitdefender Kidan Partner
CompTIA Kidan Partner
Nutanix Kidan Partner
Cisco Kidan Partner
Malwarebytes Kidan Partner
Lenovo Kidan Partner
IngramMicro Kidan Partner
Citrix Logo - Kidan Partners
Aladdin R.D. Kidan Partner
Exclaimer Logo
Veeam Kidan Partner
Synology Kidan Partner
BeyondTrust Kidan Partner
SSLStore Kidan Partner

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"Kidan did a great job of solving our IT challenges despite the difficulties of our IT infrastructure. The issues we were facing for months were understood quickly and solved as fast. They really supported us until the end and we thank them for the great services they provided us."
Australia Post
, Australia Customer
"Kidan delivered what they promised and went beyond what was expected to meet our expectations. Flexibility and understanding from the team made the experience great. We definitely vouch for Kidan and wish them all the best."
, Switzerland Customer
"We have enjoyed the skills and kindness of Kidan. The systems were well implemented while meeting the timeline and budget. We can only recommend the team."
Doctor @Door
, Australia Customer
Kidan Customer Australia Post Conforama Kidan Customer Kidan Customer Doctor @Door testimonial