OpManager Plus

Integrated solution for managing infrastructure and network performance

OpManager Plus comes with advanced features such as network, server, IP and switch port monitoring, bandwidth management and network configuration, and analyzing firewall logs before archiving them. By implementing this extensive, integrated solution with a unified approach to monitoring and management, you will get rid of network blind spots.

OpManager Plus allows you to control the entire environment from a unified interface, including Windows and Linux servers, virtualization servers, routers, switches and all other devices. OpManager Plus is a tool that will make the work of every administrator easier.

OPManager Plus Offerings

Monitor routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs for fault and performance


NP Monitoring

To track the network, over 2000 efficiency metrics to choose from


Server Monitoring

Track physical and virtual servers from different OS providers


Router Monitoring

Metrics like bugs & voltage to get a snapshot of router quality


DC Management

Integrated data centre monitoring that helps you monitor servers


Switch Monitoring

Switch port display with port-wise traffic control and port switch


Store Management

Provides insight into capabilities, performance and configuration


VOIP Monitoring

VoIP tracks call quality around WAN & debug low VoIP act


Process Monitoring

Control processes on detected devices via SNMP/WMI/CLI

Monitoring environment with one tool

OpManager Plus allows users to manage infrastructure performance and monitor all network devices, starting with Windows and ending with switches. From one graphical interface, it allows viewing the entire IT environment with the ability to verify its key parameters.

Manage all IP addressing

The system has a built-in module that scans subnets. This allows viewing the currently used IP address, including all free and used IP addresses. OpManager Plus can also use DHCP servers for this task, giving an even more accurate overview of the entire network.

Management and detection of prohibited devices

The system enables the detection of forbidden devices in the network and the possibility of blocking their access to the subnetwork. Infrastructure performance management, thanks to the scanning function, allows users to detect intruders quickly. It also gives the opportunity to react with detailed information about the unwanted device.

Backing up the configuration of network devices

OpManager Plus has a built-in module that allows users to back up the configuration of network devices. The system stores the current configuration in a database. Besides, it can verify the approved configuration's compliance compared to the one currently running on the device.

Testing and management with built-in tools

The system has a built-in set of tools, which will undoubtedly be useful for any administrator. From the level of the graphical interface, the user can, among others, ask for device availability, determine its routes in the network, poll for CLI and verify responses on specific ports.

Build a network view with business views

OpManager Plus has a module responsible for the visualization of our environment by creating a map with a view of our devices. The system allows you to mark connections between appropriate devices, along with showing their availability and network interface statistics. Business maps assist you in reviewing your environment to find a fault.

Create a view of the entire network

The system has the ability to scan our subnet, thanks to the Layer2 Map function. OpManager Plus will present the data in the form of a suitable map allowing an overview of the current view of the network. In addition, the system allows you to periodically scan the entire network in order to update the generated map.

Monitoring and management

OpManager Plus uses Flow technology to view every traffic on the network. The system stores this data for a specific time period and allows you to forecast network use. In addition, we can verify which applications most often saturate the bandwidth.

Viewing data in real time

The system queries all devices every cyclical period and saves all data to its database, which ensures that all systems are constantly verified. OpManager will present the latest data obtained from devices, which gives us an overview of the entire environment in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OpManager monitor the devices?

OpManager is an agent-less monitoring and management tool that uses a wide variety of protocols and technologies: ICMP, SNMP, WMI, CLI (Telnet/ SSH), TFTP, SCP. OpManager also includes a Syslog demon, SNMP Trap listener and Flow collectors for NetFlow, sFlow etc. All these and more bring together many network performance monitoring and management capabilities within OpManager.

How many devices can I monitor with OpManager?

The OpManager polling engine can monitor up to 10,000 Interfaces. However, this depends on the system hardware, polling frequency and type of devices. The OpManager Enterprise Edition can monitor up to 50,000 interfaces. To know the exact number of interfaces monitored by your OpManager installation, refer to the “edition” page on the product page.

What are the different types of Personality Identifiable Information in OpManager?

  • Email ID
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Mac Address
  • IP Address

What are the supported datatypes for Performance monitors in OpManager?

The following data types are supported for Performance monitors in OpManager:

  • Integer
  • Decimal
  • String

Why is intermediate/root certificate required when I import the certificate?

The intermediate and root certificates are needed to validate the server certificate provided. The server Certificate along with the intermediate and root certificates forms a complete chain, termed as ‘Chain of trust’, which establishes the authenticity of the certificate. 

How do I install OPManager Plus

Being the Swiss Partner of ManageEngine, Kidan is responsible for aiding with professional services, such as installing, implementing, configuring, training, and supporting the company to ensure an effective on-boarding of OP Manager Plus.

To make it even better, Kidan even provides advice on top of it all!

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