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Microsoft Platform Management

Quadrotech software solutions by Quest enables to conquer the Microsoft cloud by helping not only for migration of workloads to Office 365, but greatly simplify management after you’ve migrated, ensuring your organization gets the best possible ongoing experience. This products helps in three key areas: Office 365 migration, multi-tenant management and continually optimizing to manage costs and maximize productivity.

Quadrotech Archive Shuttle

Quickly and securely migrate email archives from legacy systems to Office 365 with Quadrotech Archive Shuttle by Quest. With this unparalleled email migration software, content migration is significantly faster while preserving chain of custody and without impacting end users.

Key features:

1. Move only what’s needed with intelligent filtering to reduce migration time and costs.

2. Preserve chain of custody with full audit trails and logging to mitigate risk.

3. Ensure zero impact on end-users with anytime access to archives.

Quadrotech PST Flight Deck

Identify, migrate and eliminate PST files with Quadrotech PST Flight Deck by Quest. This automated solution finds PST files across the network and identifies ownership — even shared PSTs and terminated employee files – so it becomes more easy to migrate PST to Office 365 or Exchange on-premises.

Key features:

1. Audit your entire PST footprint to remove passwords, restore corrupt files and more

2. Retain data management policies during migration, ensuring compliance

3. Execute processes with granular control, including migrating to archives, filtering and deduplication

Quadrotech Nova

Simplify the management of large, complex, and multi-tenant environments with Quadrotech Nova by Quest, Office 365 management software that helps you gain deeper operational visibility and control, making it easier to maximize the return on your Microsoft cloud investment.

Key features:

1. Simplify management with more than 100 fully-customizable Office 365 reports and dashboards

2. Enhance delegation and policy control for Office 365 with pre-defined roles for specific users

3. Prevent over-purchasing and under-utilizing Office 365 licenses


Total data migrated

1 TB/Hr

for Exchange Online data


Office 365 users under management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quadrotech ?

Quadrotech offers a comprehensive range of cloud migration services, primarily designed to help enterprise organizations centralize all data in Microsoft Office 365.

Is Quadrotech is reliable for Office 365 Migration?

Quadtrotech solution is Fast, secure, compliant Office 365 migration services and innovative management software to empower your organization.

What are the three main featured products of Quadrotech?

  • Archive Shuttle – Scalable, secure and automated solution for zero impact email archive migrations.
  • PST Flight Deck – Automated PST identification, migration and elimination.
  • Nova – Simplifies control of complex multi-tenant IT environment.

Does Quadrotech helps in Email archive data Migration ?

Quadrotech Archive Shuttle is a proven archive migration tool that enables  to quickly migrate email archive data and journals between archiving systems,

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