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Data is at the heart of every industry's transformation, and this is where Synology has a profoundly important role to play. At its very core, our mission is to manage and protect the world’s data. Synology uniquely enables every business to manage, secure, and protect their data wherever access is needed from flash to disk to multiple cloud architectures – at the scale needed to accommodate the exponential data growth of the digital world.

When Data Protection is Paramount

Synology Offerings

Committed to transforming the way businesses manage their data – elegantly simple, secure, and reliable.



High-performance and simplified data management solutions, enabling to efficiently store, manage, and access growing data.



Various virtualization solutions such as iSCSI/NFS storage and Synology Virtual Machine Manager help manage storage and computing infrastructure.


Centralized Backup

A modern, integrated and reliable backup solution that helps centralize backup tasks from physical, virtual, and cloud environments.



Detailed insights into what’s happening on the network from a web browser or mobile app, and helps secure all connected devices against emerging threats.


Video Security

NAS servers can easily become network video recorders (NVR) to watch live feeds, manage IoT devices, and more without the need of a computer.


Cloud Services

Connect to Synology NAS in the simplest way possible, and protect all important data in a dedicated data center – Synology Cloud2 (Synology C2).

Your success is our mission

With a blend of pioneering expertise and considerable experience, Synology offers tailor-made solutions to customers across industries worldwide. Hear first-hand from our customers about how they seamlessly and securely migrate, scale, and manage their businesses with our solutions.

Synology Main Products Categories

Drive Innovation with the Right Infrastructure

Your Journey To Multi-Cloud Starts Here

Business File Server

To collaborate and share files across teams or locations while also considering data governance and privacy, Synology combines the flexibility of the cloud with control of on-premises file services.

Cross-Office File Syncing & Sharing

In the globalized era, more companies have teams working in different parts of the world that all require access to the same sets of files. Synology’s cross-office file syncing and sharing solution seamlessly synchronizes data across individual sites, so that employees can focus on delivering the best results.

Storage for Virtualization

Accelerate your virtual workloads with Synology’s virtualization storage solution – seamlessly integrated with mainstream platforms, easy to manage, highly scalable, and providing advanced data protection services at no additional cost.

Secure Your Business Mail Services

Construct a business-grade mail server with Synology MailPlus and stay connected with all your important emails anytime, anywhere.

Presto File Server

Delivering instant and automated high-speed transfer between endpoints and server over WAN the way businesses deserve but can’t reach with protocols like FTP and HTTP.

Small and Midsize Business IT Services - All Rolled Into One

Build an integrated infrastructure for your networking, collaboration, security, and file storage solutions, minimizing your IT efforts so you can focus on running your business.

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Millions of Synology servers are up and running today, helping various industries to tackle market challenges. See what these organizations are saying.

Synology Kidan Partner
Synology NAS provide the same performance benefits as our old solution, but at a more cost-effective price point. The services offered by Synology NAS have all exceeded our expectations.
Michael El Cham
Senior System Engineer of IDM

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check which services or applications are taking up my storage space?

  1. Sign in to your DSM using a web browser, go to Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP > Terminal, and tick Enable SSH service.
  2. Access your DSM using an SSH client tool.
  3. Execute the following command lines:
    1. sudo -i
    2. cd /volume1
    3. du -h -d1

    How to fix drive failure and retrieve the data from your drives?

    Checking for Hardware Issue

    1. Sign in to DSM as an administrator and check the health of the drives by using S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic tool. Please refer to this article for more information.
    2. If you cannot connect to your Synology NAS, connect the drives to your computer and use the diagnostic tools provided by the manufacturer for further check-up.

    Retrieving Data from Drives

    1. If the drives are healthy and you still want to access the data in the drives, refer to this article.
    2. Do the following to read the data in the drives (this does not apply to 1-bay models):
      1. Shut down your Synology NAS and take out all of the drives.
      2. Insert the backup drive into the first bay.
      3. Restart the system and install DSM.
      4. Shut down the system after installing DSM, and do not create any volumes.
      5. Insert the original drive into any of the remaining bays.
      6. Startup the system.

    What should I do if I cannot sign in to my DSM account?

    Check for the error message appears which provides a brief description of why your login attempt failed. Try resting password if the issue persist try signing in to your DSM account from a device with a different IP address. 

    How do I manually update DSM?

    Download the .pat file from Synology Download Center to your local computer.1 Go to DSM Control Panel > Update & Restore > DSM Update and click Manual DSM Update. 

    Can I create a high-availability cluster with two different Synology NAS servers?

    It is always recommended to create a high-availability cluster with two identical Synology NAS servers. However, it is also possible to create a hybrid high-availability cluster using two similar Synology NAS servers as a temporary alternative before you acquire two identical Synology NAS servers. 

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