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Monitor your network performance thoroughly with insights at the device and interface levels using network monitoring. Understand network behavior, visualize the network hierarchy using a map, view a health dashboard, track NetFlow, and solve your network issues with instant SNMP trap alerts.

Gain complete control over your network using our cloud-based network monitoring tool.

What You Can Expect

Site24x7-The complete network monitoring solution


Why is Site24x7 the best network monitoring system?

Complete Network Monitoring Solution

What is Network Monitoring?

Why are network monitoring tools important?

SNMP counters for network performance monitoring

Optimize data usage and pinpoint peaks

How does the Site24x7 Network Monitoring tool work?

Highlight Features

Key features of Site24x7 Network Monitoring tool



Automatically discover all the devices present within a provided IP range, or a whole network (LAN or WAN) using SNMP.


Multi-vendor Support

Over 450 vendors like Cisco, HP, Canon, Juniper, D-Link, and Dell are supported, and you can monitor anything more by just entering the sysOID.


Device Templates

There are over 10000 device templates with custom options that offer predefined attributes, making the configuration easy and simple.


Network Mapping

Obtain complete visibility using maps. Automate discovery and mapping with Layer 2 maps and create your network schema using topology maps.


Health Dashboard

View top devices based on response time and packet loss; and top interfaces based on traffic, bandwidth utilization, errors, and discards.


SNMP Trap Processing

Configure network devices to send SNMP traps to Site24x7, and receive processed alert messages for any trap defined in your SNMP MIB.


Sensor Monitoring

Site24x7 also supports SNMP-based sensor monitoring using which you can monitor attributes that are tracked by sensors by simply creating custom device templates.


Support for Custom MIBs

In addition to the default MIBs provided, you can upload custom MIBs from your system and use them to add custom performance counters of your choice.


VoIP Monitoring

Assess the quality of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services throughout the call path by tracking different metrics including jitter, latency, and packet loss.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Site24x7 network monitoring ?

Site24x7 Network Monitoring is an agentless, Software as a Service (SaaS) network monitoring system that collects data from your network using an On-Premise Poller. This helps monitor both your internal and external networks. The Site24x7 network monitoring tool is SNMP based.

How to Analyze Network Traffic ?

Obtain complete visibility into your network traffic and bandwidth performance in real time. Identify traffic peaks, top applications, and conversations using different flow technologies so that you can analyze for what and by whom your bandwidth is being used. Site24x7 supports differnt flow technologies like NetFlow, JFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, NetStream, and AppFlow along with support for different vendors in the market.

What is SNMP Trap Processing ?

Stay on top your network and hardware issues, and take quick corrective actions by processing SNMP traps received from your network devices. Site24x7 instantly processes these traps and notifies you of the anomalies.

What is Network Configuration Manager ?

Automate network configuration changes, take backups, and restore configurations across devices from multiple vendors. Define the set of commands to connect, backup, restore, or perform other configuration-related operations on a device using NCM device templates.

What is Cisco IPSLA-based VoIP Monitoring

Assess the quality of VoIP call services through out the call path using Cisco Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement (IPSLA). Analyzing the network and the call transmission across the call path will help to troubleshoot and rectify issues.

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