Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Proactively monitor your front-end performance and deliver uninterrupted digital experience. Understand how customers perceive your website in real time and ensure a seamless user experience with Site24x7's real user monitoring tool.

Visualize The User Journey With Site24x7's RUM Tool.

Identify slow-performing transactions

Measure the impact of individual resources

Pinpoint JavaScript errors

Analyze user sessions

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Key features of Site24x7 Network Monitoring tool


Analyze front-end performance

Get detailed metrics on network, front-end and back-end response times. You can also compare data and analyze webpage performance for different time periods.


Combine RUM with synthetic monitoring

Record and simulate typical customer paths and user interaction on a real browser using synthetic monitoring. Understand how synthetic and real user monitoring complement each other.


Monitor single page applications

Track all your internal pages loaded from client based MVC frameworks like Angular, Backbone, React and Ember. Understand the response time and throughput of each AJAX call and fine-tune its performance.


Identify anomalies with AI-powered alerts

Get alerted whenever there is a slight deviation from your website's normal behavior and proactively troubleshoot issues before your users are affected.


Visualize performance across geographies

Understand how your website performs across various geographies through easy-to-use graphs and charts. Determine if performance is excellent, good, moderate, poor, or bad when accessed from different countries.


Integrate RUM with application monitoring

Get a holisitic view of front-end and back-end performance under a single console by integrating RUM with APM Insight.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is real user monitoring ?

Real user monitoring is a method used to capture and analyze data from user transactions on a website or application. RUM is vital for monitoring an application’s front-end performance and improving the customer experience.

How does RUM work ?

RUM technology uses JavaScript snippet that is embedded directly into each page of the website, or an application that then collects and analyzes various performance metrics directly from the end-user’s browser.

What are the benefits of real user monitoring ?

  1. Live data capture. RUM captures actual user data in real time, helping improve the end-user experience.
  2. Comprehensive metrics. RUM obtains performance metrics from various geographies, operating systems, browsers, devices, and networks, enabling an elevated digital experience.
  3. Precise error detection. RUM detects anomalies, even at the page level, to help troubleshoot issues.

What are the challenges of RUM ?

  1. Device speed. Slowness in the end user’s ISP or device configuration may pose challenges while rectifying errors captured through RUM.
  2. Minimal data during pre-production stages. It is difficult to provide valuable insights before the application goes into production, due to the lower incoming traffic volume. Combining RUM with synthetic monitoring solves this issue.
  3. High data volume. Sifting through large amounts of data can be a daunting task.

What is the future of real user monitoring ?

In an increasingly fast-paced environment, technologies like RUM monitoring help organizations identify time front-end performance issues in their applications and correct them quickly and efficiently. RUM continues to evolve to meet the challenges of monitoring application performance to improve the customer experience.

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