ManageEngine OS Deployer

A powerful image management tool for operating systems and applications

OS Deployer creates an exact copy of the hard drive that includes the configuration, operating system, and all applications. Everything can be installed on many computers at the same time. The system integrates with the workstation management software - Desktop Central, which enables quick and efficient implementation of a computer in the organization, from the installation of the operating system to comprehensive workstation management.

OS Deployer Features

Latest imaging and deployment technology enabling IT teams to save time and effort.



Create an OS image using advanced online or offline imaging techniques without disturbing productivity.



Customize the image for deployment according to the organization's user roles and departments.



Deploy the OS image across multiple computers using unique techniques like OS Deployer's authentication passcodes.

Manual backup of the hard disk to protect against potential data loss

The application can efficiently manage system images and create their repository. When hiring an employee for a specific position, an image can be implemented in accordance with the guidelines and ready-made configurations, which significantly increases the efficiency of people who issue equipment. In case of hardware theft, there is also an option to restore the data immediately.

Easy installation and management of system images

A friendly system due to a clear division in the menu: home page, images, implementation, drivers, administrator, technical support. There are clear function categories in each of the modules to find a way to manage the system images. All this without the need to involve end-users or the need to organize remote sessions.

A separate application, or a part of a more extensive device management system

Extended functionality includes, among others, creating security policies, installing updates with the possibility of prior testing. Only when the tests are successfully passed, the fixes are implemented on the remaining devices. Administrators also have remote sessions with users at their disposal, along with full monitoring of modifications made to the devices.

Automatic configuration deployment

By selecting specific devices, the system administrator will implement not only the configurations but also the applications used on specific workstations. The whole process is done not by selecting the application, but by the previously created system images. Thanks to this solution, the person receiving the equipment is ready to work from the moment the computer is turned on.

Adjust the created image in accordance with the adopted security policy

OS Deployer allows, among other things, to create backups of the entire user profile of specific hardware. The function works on devices with a Windows system and allows for quick migration in case of replacement of the hardware with a new one. With this feature, transfer any permissions, preferences, or security settings that are unique to a particular user. The process is carried out using the Windows ADK tool and OS Deployer.

Schedule actions to be performed after image deployment

Depending on the process being initiated, after the image is deployed, a post-deployment action may be required, which can also be defined in the system. Templates can be saved and used in the future to save time in the case of repetitive actions and improve system image management.

ManageEngine OS Deployer Manager Pricing

Professional Edition is Starting From:
  • Suitable for LAN networks

  • Annual subscription price for 100 workstations including support cost, Single Technician $645.

  • Features:
  • Online/offline imaging.
  • Multicast/ Unicast deployment.
  • Hardware Independent Deployment.
  • Computer Specific Settings.
  • SID handling.
Enterprise Edition is Starting From:
  • Suitable for WAN and LAN networks

  • Annual subscription price for 100 workstations including support cost, Single Technician $745.

  • Features:
  • Online/offline imaging.
  • Multicast/ Unicast deployment.
  • Hardware Independent Deployment.
  • Computer Specific Settings.
  • SID handling.
  • Remote office deployment.
  • User Profile Migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is WinPE media required?

WinPE media is required to boot the machines in to Windows Pre-installation environment to perform deployment and offline imaging.

How is OS Deployment Licensed?

OS Deployment supports machine-based licensing, which is the number of workstation and server machines on which you want to perform the deployment.

The licenses are tied to the machine’s MAC address and once you purchase a license for a machine, you can perform any number of deployments on that machine.

Depending on the operating system, you need to have either a workstation or a server license.

E.g., to perform deployment on 100 workstation machines, you need to purchase 100 workstation licenses.

How to delete automatic collection's driver repository?

Automatic collection’s driver repository is used to store the drivers which are collected during the image creation process.

If you have configured more than one of these repositories, you can delete the repository from the product console itself.

However, the repository will get deleted only in the UI and the network share has to be manually deleted by the user.

It is always required to have at least one configured driver repository to store the automatically collected drivers.

When will the driver repositories get synced?

The manual collection’s driver repository will get synced every 4 hours.

For automatic collections, since the server is directly collecting the drivers, the repository will not be synced.

How to copy an image from one image repository to another?

Currently, the image has to be manually copied from one repository to another. After copying the image to a new repository, you have to modify the repository path in the image details.

To modify the repository, select the image and view the image details. Near the image repository, select the edit icon to modify the repository path.

How do I install OS Deployer?

Being the Swiss partner of ManageEngine, Kidan is responsible for aiding with professional services, such as installing, implementing, configuring, training, and supporting the company to ensure an effective on-boarding of OS Deployer.

To make it even better, Kidan even provides advice on top of it all!

Get in touch with us to know more.

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