Why an IT Manager Needs to Understand the Difference between the ManageEngine Ecosystem and How Kidan Is Helping IT Managers

In the fast-paced world of IT management, staying updated on the latest tools and technologies is vital for success. One such area of importance is understanding the differences within the ManageEngine ecosystem, a comprehensive suite of IT management software. However, navigating this vast ecosystem can be challenging for IT managers.

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Essential Features of Network Configuration Management

Network configuration management is crucial for an adequate and healthy IT infrastructure. Organisations may control the configuration of their network devices and guarantee that their networks are operating at their peak performance, only by putting the proper procedures and tools in place.

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Illustrated image of servers along with blog title Take Control of Virtual Machine Monitoring with OpManager

Take Control of Virtual Machine Monitoring with OpManager

Businesses increasingly rely on their IT infrastructures as they transition to a digital-first approach; virtual machine (VMs) is crucial for keeping an adequate and healthy IT infrastructure. Real-time VM performance and health monitoring are becoming increasingly critical with the widespread adoption of virtualisation technologies. 

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Elevate Your Database Performance Monitoring System

To ensure uninterrupted information transmission, an organization’s IT operations require a trustworthy database & real-time Monitoring system. It is particularly true for business-critical applications, as database system interruptions immediately affect end users’ experiences and eventually hurt your income, reputation & brand.

Learning about database systems’ challenges and how their monitoring may assist in overcoming these issues should be one of the main KPIs within the IT department. Additionally, educate oneself on database monitoring best practices and how they may help your business save time and money.

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Illustration of employees sitting around the table working along with company logo Kidan & blog title Improving Employees' Security with Conditional Access

Improving Employee Security with Conditional Access

Traditional workplaces are no longer an option for employees in the post-lockdown era. Employees demand complete access to their work resources when working remotely, making remote and hybrid work the new standard. To access business data, they could also utilize various devices, including their own with conditional access.

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Benefits of Using Cloud SIEM Solution

Cloud services have standardized themselves based on the value it adds to the overall IT network of an organization. So, it’s taking other services, such as cybersecurity tools like SIEM, along with it at the same rate to utilize the full potential of the cloud infrastructure. SIEM (Security information and event management) as a Service is really gaining ground quickly as a rival to conventional, on-premises SIEM systems. By 2023, 80% of SIEM systems will include features that are supplied via the cloud, according to Gartner’s 10 Questions to Answer Before Adopting a SaaS SIEM research.

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Why Data Management Automation Holds the Key to Business Growth?

Business organizations emphasize modernizing the “IT back office” to minimize human interaction to tickets and assignments and build a proactive, self-driven, and engineered automation model. The past decade has seen rapid development in business process automation by aligning Information Technology and AI investments with business strategy.

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Microsoft 365

Understanding the Need for Security for Microsoft 365

For every small or medium-size organization using Microsoft’s business plans, there is a vivid threat of cyberattacks by cybercriminals and hackers. According to a report by the University of Maryland, cybercriminals are intruding on business data once every 39 seconds. The reports state that some computers were infiltrated by an average of 2,244 times a day!

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