CryptoPro Secure Disk for BitLocker
Latest with Windows 10 Microsoft´s „BitLocker Drive Encryption“ will be the new de facto standard for full disk encryption (FDE).
CryptoPro Secure Disk for BitLocker Latest with Windows 10 Microsoft´s „BitLocker Drive Encryption“ will be the new de facto standard
for full disk encryption (FDE).
Introducing CryptoPro Secure Disk

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Indeed some important and necessary product properties are missing in BitLocker to guarantee and enable a smoothly operation, especially for travelling users, in an enterprise environment. The goal of the BitLocker enhancement Secure Disk is, to simplify processes in the area of administration, software deployment and Helpdesk to rescue operation costs and the same time to guarantee a higher security and availability of the endpoints. Cryptware´s BitLocker enhancement technology close the gap between the customer requirements of a modern and secure full disk encryption solution and the native BitLocker.

Pre-boot Authentication for Microsoft BitLocker

CryptoPro Secure Disk for BitLocker extends the functionality of Microsoft BitLocker with its own PreBoot authentication (PBA) and thus enables the use of established authentication methods, e.g. user ID / password, SmartCard / PIN and biometrics for multi-user operation. HelpDesk scenarios and software distribution processes can also continue to be mapped in the usual way.

Crypto Pro Secure Disk is a transparent full disk encryption (FDE) for laptops, desktops and ATMs with network support in the pre-boot phase. With CryptoPro Secure Disk, continue to map software distribution processes in the usual way.

Encryption and Authentication Solutions for Corporate Data

Protect crucial data from unauthorized access and help company employees deal with sensitive information!


Secure Disk PBA Architecture

The individual modules of the pre-boot operating system, which can be used in the UEFI mode and in the LINUX mode “hybrid”. A wide variety of authentication methods are available to the user. In order to prevent another login to Windows, the user can be automatically logged on to Windows using Single SignOn (SSO).

Secure Disk Infrastructure

The central management console of Secure Disk based on Microsoft SQL. The database has read access to the Active Directory in order to record the domain structure and OUs. The security rules are now defined with different roles and rights using consoles. Communication between the individual components and the client / agent is encrypted.


Friendly Network Mode

The authentication of the client / agent against the server in the LAN (network unlocking). This authentication method is particularly user-friendly and supports the IT department in making operational activities, such as software updates, easier and smoother.

Load Balancing / Resilience

The Secure Disk Services communicate with each other through simple and scalable system features. Without additional hardware-based load balancers, the system can be adapted to the most varied of company sizes and global infrastructures.

Secure Disk for BitLocker
  • Unique pre-boot-technology (Linux and UEFI based PBA ) for BitLocker enables: – Multi-user operation with name/pw und 2FA – Single Sign On to Windows – Network Unlock (network based authentication) – Offline und Online HelpDesk mit Challenge- Response.
  • Secure operation of BitLocker without TPM (China, Russia…).
  • Client capability of the central management console include BitLocker encryption enforcement.
  • Simple software deployment without any restriction without the need to change existing processes.
  • No transfer of recovery-key´s to end users in case of forgotten authentication credentials in the Pre Boot.
  • Roaming User, every user is able to work/login on every windows endpoint with his own windows credentials.
  • Automatic user registration in the PBA (similar to Windows).
  • Network Unlock Mode incl. support of WLAN and 802.1x.
  • Simple client installation without changes at the existing and running BitLocker configuration.
  • Dashboard for compliance reports und encryption status of the endpoints.
Missing BitLocker Properties
  • No multi-user support in the Pre Boot.
  • No single Sign On.
  • No 2FA support in the Pre Boot.
  • No authentication with Windows credentials in the Pre Boot.
  • No client capability for the central administration.
  • No offline HelpDesk, in case of forgotten TPM-PIN.
  • No solution in case of forgotten Windows passwords in offline situation.
  • Network Unlock Mode: no support of WLAN or 802.1x.

Disadvantages in Operations

  • High operation costs in case of forgotten TPM-PIN or blocked TPM.
  • Issuing of recovery key´s to end in case of forgotten TPM-PIN.
  • Increased effort for software deployment (WOL) without user interaction and silent operation.
  • No secure native BitLocker operation without TPM module.
  • Double authentication, because of missing single Sign On function.
  • General known hacks for BitLocker operation without TPM-PIN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CryptoPro Secure Disk for Bitlocker?

CryptoPro Secure Disk Enterprise provides comprehensive protection of your confidential data on laptops, desktops, and cash dispensing machines before the unauthorized access by third parties.

What are the benefits of this solution?

● Network based PBA allows direct access to Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP
● Registration and Single Sign On with Microsoft Credentials reduce help desk calls
● Network-Unlock Mode allows the operation without PBA
● Cost reduction through optimized operating processes

Which Platform Servers are supported ?

Supported Platform server:
● Windows Server 2008 R2
● Windows Server 2012
● Windows SQL Server
● VM Ware

Which operating systems are supported for Clients?

Supported Platform client:
● Windows 10 (32 und 64 Bit, UEFI Support)
● Windows 8.1 (32 und 64 Bit, UEFI Support)
● Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit)
● Windows Vista (32 and 64 Bit)
● Windows XP (32 and 64 bit, SP3

How do I install CryptoPro Security Disk Plus for BitLocker?

Being the Swiss Partner of ManageEngine, Kidan is responsible for aiding with professional services, such as installing, implementing, configuring, training, and supporting the company to ensure an effective on-boarding of CryptoPro Security Disk for BitLocker .To make it even better, Kidan even provides advice on top of it all!

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