Kidan and Aladdin R. D. Key Partnerhip

Aladdin R.D. as a Key Partner

“Kidan” and “Aladdin R.D.” is announcing a key partnership in the European, Australian, and Asian field of information security

A strategic partnership to help organizations make their IT more secure.

Kidan, an international IT company providing IT services and solutions, and Aladdin R.D., a leading Russian developer and provider of information security solutions, are reporting on the start of a new partnership relation in the field of information security.

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Kidan New Domain Name

New Domain Name

Since 2010, Kidan used as its main domain name to promote its vision of empowering people to achieve more with their technology. Now, Kidan has evolved and, hence, needs a fresh domain name to pursue its aims internationally. Therefore, Kidan has acquired a new domain name,

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Kidan History

Kidan’s History

Kidan was established in April 2016 after the Founder, Dani Syed, noticed there were no real IT end-to-end services and solutions providers in Switzerland. As a consultant in IT security, he saw many of his banking customers complain about the services they got. Therefore, Kidan was created as a customer-centric company to solve IT challenges and meet business requirements.

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