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It’s time for database professionals to accelerate innovation and improve the service quality of applications. DBM Spotlight database performance monitoring solutions for SQL Server meet the demands of the modern business – making databases more accessible and easier to manage.


Technical Support

Boost Your SQL Server Skills with Advice from Top Industry Experts



The Essential DBA Playbook for Optimized SQL Server Management


Mobile Capability

Mobile device support deliver the data where and when its needed.

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise delivers simplicity without compromise by providing unmatched SQL Server monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of database environment to ensure peak performance around the clock. With Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise, monitoring large numbers of connections is easy.

1. 24×7 SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics

2. End-to-end monitoring

3. Never miss a beat with playback and mobile support

Spotlight Cloud Professional

SQL Server performance monitoring and diagnostics powered by the cloud. Spotlight Cloud uses cloud compute to store data longer, analyze it faster and resolve issues quicker. This means the faster and more reliable databases on-premises and in the cloud.

1. Diagnostic drill down

2. Workload analysis

3. Smart alarms

4. Health check and more








Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpotLight ?

Spotlight is an SQL monitoring tool by Quest Software Solutions which proactively manage SQL Server environment and diagnose database performance issues by viewing the health of all SQL Server instances on a single screen. 

Does Spotlight provides 24x7 monitoring ?

It provides 24×7 agentless monitoring from a centralized diagnostic server with alarms for performance deviation. 

What is the minimum hardware and software requirements for Spotlight ?

For Spotlight installation, ensure the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

  • Processor 1GHz Processor
  • Memory  1GB RAM recommended
  • Hard disk 200MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 and above

How to install SpotLight ?

Being the Swiss Partner of Quest, Kidan is responsible for aiding with professional services, such as installing, implementing, configuring, training, and supporting the company to ensure an effective on-boarding of Spotlight for Databases.

To make it even better, Kidan even provides advice on top of it all!

Get in touch with us to know more.

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