Password Manager

Why Should You Use a Password Manager?

Although technology has made our life a lot easier, while using the internet, every new website and application we sign up for is another password we must remember. It’s not easy to remember all of them. Though saving these passwords on sticky notes helps, you must go through the hustle of copy-paste and switch between windows every time.

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SaaS Infrastructure

Four Key Areas to Scale SaaS infrastructure for Enterprises

Startups and SMBs are generally the first to implement many SaaS Infrastructure. But as these businesses grow in size and complexity — and they rope in larger organizations — scaling infrastructure for the enterprise becomes critical for success.

We are sharing with you four tips on advancing the company’s infrastructure to support and grow with the largest customers.

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Active Directory Auditor

The Importance of Auditing the Active Directory Services

Active Directory is a tool to simplify identity services in the enterprise and provide ease to the system administrators, but lack of visibility into AD operations gives rise to significant pain points. It becomes pretty frustrating not to understand who made a change in Active Directory and what that change was. Admins have to spend hours understanding the root cause of why a Group Policy Object is in a warning state. In addition, if excessive privilege is shared in an environment, and Domain Admin rights are assigned to more users, it leads to more confusion on who did what in Active Directory. That’s why not auditing the Active Directory environment puts organizations at risk from an operational and legal perspective.

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Active Directory

Importance of Active Directory for Growing Business

Every organization has its organizational framework in which roles and responsibilities of the different departments such as sales, IT, manufacturing, and quality assurance to achieve the desired common goal. Employers use business resources such as applications and hardware tools to execute business operations along with the skills and expertise. To effectively use these resources, it is essential to have some access control tool in place. Active Directory is one of such tools that manage users, applications, and resources and allows to handle authorization and authentication of users for these resources.

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Endpoint Security

How to Balance Endpoint Security and Employee Experience?

The new challenge for many organizations is shifting from a physical workspace to a remote one. If not done properly, employees can undergo significant setbacks in their professional and personal lives. Hence, organizations should invest in the new trend of endpoint security for a remote work environment.

With this new global pandemic and the latest movement on Work From Home (WFH) environments, organizations are expected to modernize their infrastructure and train their workforce for remote operations without compromising on Security.

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IT Help Desk

Simple Steps to Choose the Best IT Help Desk Software

IT Help Desk software plays a critical role to quickly resolve customer and employee support issues for businesses of all sizes. Choosing the suitable Help Desk is critical as it centralizes the end-users entire journey and all interaction and conversation they have with the support team in one place. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of the history of employees or customers issues. Since all of the touchpoints are in one place, the support team is more accessible across support channels, from calls to live chat.

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Log Management

Need of Cloud Log Management Solutions in 2021

Most businesses are migrating to cloud technology because of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the new need to handle work from remote devices. To work smoothly in this ultra-competitive time, the organizations must devise a comprehensive plan to leverage every asset at their disposal. To centrally manage multiple cloud resources, log data is essential for measuring and optimizing the application’s performance and security. In addition, log data is valuable to identify and rectify critical issues to improve application performance quickly.

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Emerging Cybersecurity Trends in 2021

The forced transition of work from home due to Covid-19 has changed the technology landscape for the business world. This transition involves unplanned cloud migrations and immediate purchase of IT devices and services to accommodate the changes. This shift to remote work has resulted in significant implications for the world of cybersecurity. Companies have adopted standard security measures that cannot deal with the new levels of vulnerability and risk associated with cybercrimes to keep business running. 

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Cloud Audit

Why Audit Your Cloud Resources and Environment?

Cloud environment supports the essential aspects of business, for example, customer data, innovative applications, and critical processes. To analyze the capacity measures resulting in incompetent or unnecessary expenditure, there is a need to review, audit, and optimize the cloud infrastructure. This allows businesses to have better financial control and gain more visibility for cloud estate. It is crucial to have clear visibility of the cloud from the aspects of management and control and have a regular audit of IaaS infrastructure to keep business on track.

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Cyber Security

How does Cybersecurity Impact Businesses Globally?

As businesses move more and more towards cloud practices, cybersecurity is essential for them to share important information in a highly secure manner. Although the online way has made it a lot easier to share data, this has threatened private information that could be easily breached if no security measure is adopted. According to a survey of the EU’s cybersecurity agency ENISA,  there are 230,000 new malware infections reported every day.

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