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The eagerly awaited ServiceDesk Plus MSP Version 10.6, Build 10600 was released on the 2nd March 2022. Mr. Santhosh Venkataramani, Head of Service Delivery at ManageEngine also announced the release on Pitstop Communities.

This is a major release with many enhancements and changes. There is also a long list of issues that were resolved in this release. Mr. Venkataramani suggested to the engineers to perform the upgrade to 10.6 on a test environment and try out the features, before upgrading the production system. He also suggested performing the upgrade during non-operational hours to avoid any surprises.

Updates and Upgrades

The release includes around 112 Enhancements, 11 Behavior Changes, and 147 Issues Fixed. ManageEngine only supports builds that are one year old. At present, support is not available for versions lesser than 10.5. Hence, it is highly advisable to upgrade to the latest versions. Of course, with that, you will be using a version with many enhancements that would improve your help desk performance and enhance IT service delivery. It will also be the version with existing bugs fixed. So, you will experience fewer disruptions with ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Let’s have a look at some of the changes of ServiceDesk Plus MSP Version 10.6.

Framework Upgrade
  • Postgres upgraded from version 10.5 to version 10.16
  • Tomcat upgraded to version 9.037.
  • Lodash upgraded to 4.17.20
  • Mickeylite upgraded to version 4180.
  • JRE Update : JRE updated from Oracle jre 1.8.152 to Zulu openjre 1.8.222 [This is a free version].
  • Jquery upgraded to 3.5.1.
  • Handlebars upgraded from v4.0.5 to v4.7.6.
Enhancements and Behavior Changes
  • Deluge for ServiceDesk Plus MSP
  • Page scripts: You can now add page-wise customizations like modifying UI elements and changing functionalities for the end users using custom scripts.
  • Request List View coloring based on criteria.
  • Option to add survey URLs in request closure email notifications.
  • Technician layout customization in request details page.
  • You can add up to 10 levels of approvals to each change stage.
  • Option to associate service templates with multiple SLAs.
  • Feature to associate all accounts to a service catalog template.
  • ServiceDesk Plus MSP now supports Azure SQL server.
  • Zoho offline virus scanner is now integrated with the application to prevent attachment vulnerabilities.
  • Ability to send attachments through API.
  • Option for a technician to chat with another technician.
  • Revamped user interface now includes enhanced self-service portal settings.
  • User bulk edit.
  • Editor Upgrade.
  • Configuration to append .msg/.eml type attachments to description.
  • Integrated Live Chat.
  • Technician Auto Assign Enhancements.
  • Request Tagging – Add tags such as engineering, development, printer, router, network issues, and so on to requests. Using tags, you can search requests in the global search and also fetch a list of similar requests, including service and incidents.
  • The UI for asset list view and details page are revamped based on V3 API.
  • Option to delete assets from the list view popups that are opened from the dashboard and summary page.

Concluding Remarks

With every upgrade, there come enhancements, features, and changes that are majorly based on experience and requests from users. It is always heartening to see the features you have been desiring, among the announced features. In this way, the product moves along its roadmap and evolves according to the needs and desires of the people involved. The product becomes more mature and robust. It improves and keeps improving. Let’s hope that the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Version 10.6, Build 10600 stands out among its past releases and provides the customers with an even greater and more fulfilling ITSM experience.

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