ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

Log analysis from the entire environment

It allows users to generate real-time alerts to mitigate internal and external dangers, perform real-time correlation of events, and more. Provides ready-made compliance reports such as PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA. It also helps protect sensitive data with its File Integrity Monitoring feature. In addition, the solution includes monitors user activity, archives log data.

The system also allows taking appropriate actions in non-compliance so that users can quickly react to each event. Users can also create a workflow that will do the work if the event occurs outside the organization's working time.

EvenLog Analyzer Offering

A robust log processing solution to make the work simpler


In-depth auditing capabilities

Audits network perimeter devices' logs, user activities, server account changes, user accesses, and a lot more to meet security auditing needs.


High-speed log processing

Processes log data at 25,000 logs/second to detect attacks in real time or conduct quick forensic analysis to reduce the impact of a breach.


Augmented threat intelligence

To detect any malicious inbound or outbound traffic, it comes with a global IP threat database and a STIX/TAXII feed processor.


Built-in incident management

Raises tickets in help desk consoles (ServiceNow and ServiceDesk Plus) for every detected incident to ensure accountability and speed up incident resolution.


Complete log management

Collects, analyzes, correlates, searches, and archives log data from over 700 log sources. Includes a custom log parser to analyze any human-readable log format.

Built-in dashboards with health and other actions preview

First, the main menu of the system lists the most important recently detected events. Users can also find information on the health of the monitored environment there. As a result, the log analysis is presented in an easy-to-read graphic form.

Eventlog Analyzer

Configurable event correlation

Instantly detect attack attempts and trace potential security threats by correlating log data with over 30 predefined rules and a drag-and-drop custom rule builder. EventLog Analyzer comes with predefined rules to detect brute force attacks, account lockouts, data theft, webserver attacks, and a lot more. Raise a ticket in the help desk console for every correlation rule alert to ensure accountability and speed up incident resolution.

Access to detailed reports

The system includes a wide range of reports based on devices, applications, file monitors, detected threats, vulnerability monitors, VM management, and user management. It is also possible to define a custom report. EventLog Analyzer can send any of the generated results to the selected path in one of the file formats: PDF or CSV. The software also allows users to create cyclical report generation schedules and finally send them to the selected disk space.

Eventlog Analyzer
Eventlog Analyzer

One place for all collected logs

The system offers the function of searching the information users are interested in, in the logs read based on its own rules. The search can be based on device types as well as event numbers or other LDAP information. This possibility undoubtedly facilitates searching and analyzing logs.

Configuration of real-time alarms is possible

EventLog Analyzer can also configure the process of notifying administrators. For each event recorded by the system, users can define the message that the administrator receives. While many notifications will appear simultaneously, the system will allow creating a time interval during which only one message/notification can be sent.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Pricing

Premium Edition is Starting From:
  • Features:
  • Log collection and archival
  • Universal Log Parsing and indexing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Real-time event correlation and alerts
  • Compliance reporting
  • Log forensics
Distributed Edition is Starting From:
  • Features:
  • Log collection and archival
  • Universal Log Parsing and indexing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Real-time event correlation and alerts
  • Compliance reporting
  • Log forensics
  • Scalable architecture
  • Multi-geographical location monitoring
  • Server specific reports
  • Rebranding and client specific views

Frequently Asked Questions

What is purpose of EventLog Analyzer?

EventLog Analyzer is a web-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution that assists small to large organizations with monitoring network devices, servers, and applications. Key features include auditing, traffic analysis, threat detection, and compliance management.

The application comes with a log management module, which helps administrators collect information on network activities from multiple sources such as routers, switches, and scanners and generate mechanism reports. EventLog Analyzer enables users to scan database servers, detect data thefts, and troubleshoot system crashes. The file integrity monitoring feature allows security teams to track changes in various file types such as system configuration/zipped and receive real-time alerts.

Can I access the EventLog analyzer from anywhere?

As Eventlog Analyzer is a web-based solution, yes the users can access the solution from anywhere as long as the user can connect to the server in which Eventlog Analyzer is running.

How many users can access the application simultaneously?

The EventLog Analyzer license does not limit the number of users accessing the application simultaneously.

What is the difference between free and paid editions?

The free version of EventLog Analyzer is limited to handling event logs from a maximum of five-event log sources, whereas the Standalone and Distributed editions can handle event logs from 10 to 1,000 log sources and 50 to unlimited number of log sources, respectively.

DO I have to reinstall EventLog Analyzer to upgrade from free to paid version?

No, users don’t have to reinstall or shut down the server. Users can simply upload the new License file to upgrade from free to the paid version.

How do I install EventLog Analyzer?

Being the Swiss Partner of ManageEngine, Kidan is responsible for aiding with professional services, such as installing, implementing, configuring, training, and supporting the company to ensure an effective on-boarding of EventLog Analyzer.

To make it even better, Kidan even provides advice on top of it all!

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