Cloud services have standardized themselves based on the value it adds to the overall IT network of an organization. So, it’s taking other services, such as cybersecurity tools like SIEM, along with it at the same rate to utilize the full potential of the cloud infrastructure. SIEM (Security information and event management) as a Service is really gaining ground quickly as a rival to conventional, on-premises SIEM systems. By 2023, 80% of SIEM systems will include features that are supplied via the cloud, according to Gartner’s 10 Questions to Answer Before Adopting a SaaS SIEM research.

So, what’s the difference between an on-premises SIEM & Cloud SIEM? How does its use benefit organizations? How does it add value to the overall IT infrastructure of an organization? Let’s explore these questions in this blog post. 

What is a cloud based SIEM solution?

A SIEM is a system that assists IT professionals manage and control their respective organization’s IT infrastructure with flexibility across diverse environments. We use the terms “cloud SIEM solution” or “cloud native SIEM solution” to describe hosting the system on the cloud. Like traditional SIEM, it is capable of carrying out all SIEM tasks from the cloud, including monitoring network traffic, demonstrating compliance, keeping and storing logs, identifying and addressing cybersecurity events, and improving network visibility. 

The flexibility, accessibility, and time value of cloud SIEM solutions are superior to those of on-premises SIEM systems for managing cybersecurity and regulations across your in-house network. To determine whether such solution can satisfy your organization’s needs, we can consider these five benefits of a cloud SIEM solution over an on-premises SIEM system

1- Network Design may be Scaled Without Wasting Time or Being Concerned About Log Volume

A SIEM system will regularly handle enormous amounts of log data since it collects log data from the network as part of its operation. It is challenging to manage unforeseen surges in log quantities with an on-premises system. When your company is thinking about growing, this dilemma gets considerably worse.

Cloud-native solutions’ scalability and flexibility are also advantageous for cloud SIEM. Organizations can handle scaling up to meet deadlines for massive log volume requirements when using a cloud SIEM system. You can easily log as much or as little as you need to without the need of sacrificing time, thanks to rapid deployment and adaptable data plans.

2- Easy to Work & Quick to Start

Do you know more than 3 months are required to complete over 40% of SIEM Development?

The speedier setup is one of the significant benefits of a cloud SIEM solution for all enterprises. Organizations may begin seeing the benefits of cloud SIEM sooner than they would with traditional SIEM, as there is no need for shipment, installation, or complex configuration procedures.

Alternatively, we could just create an account and setup the agent on your network device to get started and that convenience is provided by ManageEngine’s Log360 Cloud.

3- Log Data Retention is More Cost-Efficient and Secure

We must keep logs as required by privacy laws and regulations. As a result, businesses must guarantee safe, tamper-proof log keeping for as long as needed. A cloud SIEM solution can accomplish this affordably. For instance, Log360 Cloud enables you to archive older logs and shift them to compressed cold storage to maintain their integrity and efficient use of your storage space.

4- Save on Office Space by Removing On-premises Hardware

SIEM systems require a lot of functional and storage memory as they are resource intensive. To guarantee that the host machine can manage the SIEM activities, organizations must invest in high-end computers to host an on-premises SIEM system. While this might not be a concern for bigger firms, it could be a significant barrier to SIEM adoption for smaller organizations with a constrained cybersecurity budget.

5- It’s Considerably Simpler to Stay Up to Date with the Latest Developments

Since cloud installations are always up to date, cloud SIEM solutions eliminate the hassle of having to deal with frequent upgrades and patches to the product. In this approach, instead of spending time on SIEM maintenance and upgrades, your staff will have more time to concentrate on other crucial tasks like monitoring your network for potential threats. 

Utilize Log360 Cloud, a cloud SIEM solution from ManageEngine, to benefit from these cloud-native advantages. Log360 Cloud can help you remain on top of your compliance and cybersecurity game from the cloud with features like security analytics, cloud app monitoring, incident management, threat analytics, and rule-based attack detection.