Service Desk Plus (SDP) the Flagship product of ManageEngine used worldwide by ITSM professionals. SDP is a complete suite for ITSM functionalities with easy-to-use capabilities and mobile compatible apps.

Indeed, SDP leverages the latest Ticketing System technology based on the ITIL framework to help IT support teams deliver top-class service to end-users with minimal cost and complexity. As SDP is available in 29 different languages, more than 100,000 organizations across 185 countries use Service Desk Plus to enhance the IT service desk performance and optimize the IT service management operations.

What is IT Service Desk Software?

The IT Service Desk is the front-end of delivering the IT department’s IT services in any organization. It serves as a single point of contact for any issue, requirement, or assistance that employees need for using the technology services. IT Service desk ensures timely assistance and prompt resolution following their assured service levels. Delivering such top-notch services and end-user experience is essential for any organization to increase its leverage in the market and meet its business goals. Therefore, to fulfill the organization’s IT help desk task, the IT team implement an IT Service Desk software to automate the routine tasks, manage the IT Ticket lifecycle, and optimize the workflow. Thus, the use of Service Desk Software increases productivity and minimizes costs with better service provisions and enhanced user experience.

Key Features of Service Desk Plus

Service Request Management:

The IT support team receives various incoming inquiries such as password reset, software licenses, and access to applications or new hardware. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) – a framework of best practices to manage IT operations and services -organizes these as service requests. IT team through Service Desk Plus can efficiently follow a repeatable procedure to handle these requests.

Service Request Management uniquely involves a user submitting a request for something like access to a service, information, or a new device. It is related to practices of incident, problem, and Change Management. They are defined below:

  • Incident: An unplanned event that disrupts or reduces a service’s quality and requires an emergency response.
  • Problem: The underlying cause of recurring or preventable incidents.
  • Change:  Adding, modifying, or removing something that could affect IT services.

Assets Management

Service Desk Plus helps manage IT and Non-IT assets through a single console. IT assets include workstations, switches, routers, printers, and access points, while Non-IT assets include basic fixtures, furniture, chairs, tables, projectors, and desk phones. SDP also manages software assets such as software license, metering, and compliance.

Service Level Agreement Management

The IT support team can set up a service level agreement (SLA) in SDP, which is an official commitment between a service provider and the customer. SDP allows to set up SLAs exclusively for service/incident requests. Escalation rules for requests can notify technicians about the unattended and unresolved requests within a specified time frame.

Enterprise help desk

SDP offers a comprehensive help desk ticketing service that supports several complex modules called Enterprise Help Desk. This Enterprise help desk ticketing feature is customizable to fit a particular organization’s or industry’s workflows. As the enterprise ticketing system supports a wide number of complex modules, it goes beyond simple IT support and helps enhance an organization’s overall efficiency.

Configuration Management Database

SDP lets you track and manage all your Configuration Items (CIs) in a single repository through Configuration Management Database (CMDB). It is an effective decision-making tool of SDP designed to support a vast IT structure where the interrelations between the CIs are maintained and supported successfully.

Reporting and Analytics

SDP offers reporting tools and analytics to track the load of requests, the distribution of assets, evaluate the IT help desk team’s efficiency and productivity, and many more. It gives you a set of preset help desk, problem/change, asset reports, and many more generated from the application’s data. Moreover, SDP lets to develop reports on end-user-based surveys as well.  

Kidan as a Swiss Partner of ManageEngine, offers Service Desk Plus software to help organizations implement best practices to make sure IT Services are highly available and streamline operations and IT to achieve business goals.

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