Most businesses are migrating to cloud technology because of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the new need to handle work from remote devices. To work smoothly in this ultra-competitive time, the organizations must devise a comprehensive plan to leverage every asset at their disposal. To centrally manage multiple cloud resources, log data is essential for measuring and optimizing the application’s performance and security. In addition, log data is valuable to identify and rectify critical issues to improve application performance quickly.

For this reason, Cloud Log Management is essential to collect and correlate log data from cloud services, applications, and infrastructure. It helps identify issues, measure performance, and optimize configurations.

What is Cloud Log Management?

Cloud Log Management includes creating log files and collections of data that document events occurring in systems. Log files contain a wide range of data, including requests, user information, transactions, and timestamps. The specific data that logs collect is based on the configuration of components.

Benefits of Cloud Log Management

Facilitates Monitoring

In today’s remote working environment, cloud log management has clear advantages. With the help of a centralized log management system, logs can be saved in a single location, easy to perform searches on them, and key metrics can be visualized using powerful visualization capabilities. In addition, cloud log management solutions also improve efficiency by minimizing the need for redundant tasks.

Easy Troubleshooting

Using cloud-based centralized log management enables automatic and easy troubleshooting. In addition, these tools usually offer a plethora of alerts to set to get notified at the slightest sign of a problem. This approach lets organizations adopt a more proactive style to their logging approach.

Quick and Simple setups

Cloud Log Management is the simplest and shortest path to log management. There is no need to install these tools- instead, access them as a service via the internet. In addition, they offer quick and simple setups that allow organizations to get started with log management quickly.

Top Cloud Log Management Services by ManageEngine

ManageEngine crafts the industry’s broadest suite of IT management software. It offers top solutions for Cloud Log Management services.

EventLog Analyzer – a log management software for security information and event management. It offers the in-depth analytical capability to enhance network security with its predefined reports.

Log360 – a one-stop solution for log management and network security issues. It gives complete control over network, Active Directory changes, network device logs, Microsoft Exchange Servers, and Azure Active Directory.

Firewall Analyzer – an agent-less log analytics and configuration management solution that helps understands bandwidth usage of the network. It supports almost all open source and commercial network firewalls such as Cisco, Check Point, Juniper, Palo Alto, Fortinet, and more.

Cloud Security Plus – a solution that provides complete visibility into AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms for easy search mechanisms, customizable alerts, and comprehensive reports. It helps track, analyze, and respond to the events happening in cloud environments to facilitate smooth and secure business operations.

Kidan as a Swiss partner of ManageEngine is helping organizations to find the best solution according to their business operation’s needs. Our technical experts assist in identifying the best way to manage cloud applications on remote devices so that an enterprise can deliver high-end and reliable business operations.  

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