Kidan is pleased to announce its partnership with Site24x7 to provide the best-in-class Performance Monitoring solutions for DevOps and IT Operations.

“As a customer-centric company, the partnership with Site24x7, a leader in providing availability and end-user experience monitoring solutions to organizations around the world, enables Kidan to provide even better services and solutions to our customers. We look forward to our successful endeavors with Site24x7.”

Dani SYED, Founder & CEO of Kidan Sàrl

In addition to being a company, Site24x7 is a cloud-based and all-in-one comprehensive solution that enables users to monitor and gain a detailed insight into their IT by empowering the IT operations and development operations with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its broad capabilities help organizations quickly and proactively detect and troubleshoot problems with end-user experience, applications, servers, public clouds, and network infrastructure. Site24x7 is suitable for all monitoring requirements and allows its users to acquire absolute visibility against all domains, including website monitoring, server monitoring, cloud monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring, and real user monitoring. As of now, more than 10,000 customers trust Site24x7. Learn more about Sit24x7 Here.

Strategic Aims:

As the official Swiss partner of Site24x7, Kidan aims to provide Swiss organizations with an all-in-one and comprehensive solution to monitor their IT. Through this partnership, both companies see the opportunity to strengthen each other’s mission and provide greater opportunities to deliver high-quality IT monitoring resources (i. e, website, networks, servers, applications, and the cloud) to Swiss clients and grow to support additional programs in the future.

Through this joint venture, Kidan’s goal is to develop, educate, and grow the Swiss business community by helping them identify the best processes and practices for their IT infrastructure. Therefore, Kidan offers a range of IT services, including consultation, sales, installation, implementation, customization, training, and support. Kidan’s technical team and experts are firmly committed to help its customers understand, interpret, and solve their IT challenges. 

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