The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing organizations worldwide to shift their offices to the work-from-home environment. Thus, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions are essential to enable the business to operate securely. 

ManageEngine is constantly evolving its solutions to meet these dynamic market needs. Indeed, they are a leader in solving business challenges for IT management. Their Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software specializes in focusing on device management as well as security. It helps manage devices, servers, laptops, mobile phones, and Point-of-Sales (POS) from multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. Moreover, Desktop Central automates the complete endpoint management lifecycle.

Here are a few exceptional benefits of Desktop Central, making it the best Microsoft SCCM alternative:   

1. Centralized User Configuration: 

Desktop Central offers a complete set of solutions for client management from a single console. Indeed, IT administrators can update an entire group of users at once, allowing for a more logical, well-managed, and simpler method. Moreover, IT administrators can quickly deploy device provision applications like Windows Autopilot and benefit from granular device management capabilities, which are not readily achievable through other endpoint management alternatives.   

2. Schedulable Firmware and Package Updates: 

ManageEngine’ Unified Endpoint Management software solution, through centralized management, facilitates automated device serving. Indeed, IT administrators can schedule updates through its desktop virtualization feature during any convenient time, including non-operational hours, so that they do not interrupt any user activity during work hours. Hence, users’ productivity is never down from long PC setups, as with virtual machines.

3. Third-Party Software Integration  

Desktop Central proves to be the best SCCM option as it supports top drawer third-party applications for end-to-end and comprehensive IT management. This seamless integration with well-known ITSM solutions extends the scope of Desktop Central and makes enterprises’ IT strategy more holistic, innovative, and uncomplicated, which fulfills the exact business needs. 

4. Easy Patch Management  

It is of uttermost importance for enterprises to keep the applications secure and up-to-date periodically to prevent cyber threats. Thus, Desktop Central automatically deploys patches for Microsoft products such as MS Office as well as Operating System applications and antivirus applications using integrated Patch Manager. Even third-party software such as Adobe Reader, Firefox Browser, Java, which need to be patched manually by the users in other software solutions, can be updated automatically in all the network systems. Indeed, it identifies the latest updates and determines which system needs these updates, then downloads them and automatically installs them. 

5. Friendly user-Interface  

Desktop Central has a friendly and convenient interface for many of the functions, making it easier for the IT administrator to utilize its operations. In addition to this, it does not depend on many system resources when running and can be used simultaneously with other programs. It has a built-in option for remote assistance, which helps the IT administrators remotely assist the end-users.  

6. Affordable Pricing 

Last but an important fact to mention here is that Desktop Central wins the game of SCCM alternatives due to its affordable pricing plans. For small businesses managing up to 25 devices, it offers a completely free edition. For larger companies, the price plans go from $700, which are much more affordable than other endpoint management solutions available in the market while being superior in terms of quality and features

Kidan, as the Swiss Partner of ManageEngine, helps enterprises manage, install software and patches, standardize work processes, and secure their remote working devices through Desktop Central

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