“Kidan” and “Aladdin R.D.” are announcing a key partnership in the European, Australian, and Asian field of information security

A strategic partnership to help organizations make their IT more secure.

Kidan, an international IT company providing IT services and solutions, and Aladdin R.D., a leading Russian developer and provider of information security solutions, are reporting on the start of a new partnership relation in the field of information security.

The first product of the Aladdin R.D. company, which interested the foreign market, was the smart card reader ASEDrive IIIe Bio Combo. ASEDrive Bio IIIe Combo is a combined smart card reader with vertical loading of a smart card and a fingerprint scanner that provides reading and writing information from smart cards and fingerprint authentication of the smart cardholder. The device is intended for use in stationary workplaces, where an increased level of information security is required.

With the use of innovative Precise Match-on-Card technology from Precise Biometrics AB, comparisons are made exclusively within the smart card chip and not on the computer, which ensures the security of the authentication process. A smart card reader allows users to simultaneously eliminate the risk of unauthorized access and increase the convenience of employees, as when using this technology, there is no need to remember and enter the password during two-factor authentication. This device can be especially useful for top managers and financiers who have access to strictly confidential information. Thus, this smart card reader is recommended for the use in the workplaces where biometric user identification is also necessary.

Kidan and Aladdin R.D. plan to expand their cooperation in supplied products and provide foreign organizations with the best solutions of the Russian market in the field of information security. Kidan, as the exclusive partner in Switzerland and Australia of Aladdin R.D, will provide cutting-edge security technology to its customers and help them achieve more with their IT.

“As a customer-centric company, the partnership with Aladdin R. D., the leader of the Russian market in information security, enables our company to expand our competencies and offerings to the customers and help them further solve their IT and business challenges. We look forward to providing high-quality and unique solutions from Aladdin R. D. to the European, Australian, and Asia markets to help our customers achieve more with their technology.”

Dani SYED, Founder & CEO of Kidan

We are happy to have Kidan and its experts as part of Aladdin’s family to help our overseas customers to get more secured and look forward to providing European, Australian, and Asian customers with them.”

Daniil GORDIENKO, Partner Manager at Aladdin R.D.

About Aladdin R.D.

Aladdin R.D. is the leading Russian developer and supplier of authentication devices, products and solutions for information security and confidential data protection.

The company was founded in 1995 and for 25 years has become a recognized expert and leader in the field of strong two- and three-factor user authentication devices for corporate resources, Web-portals, and cloud services.

Solutions and innovative technologies of Aladdin R.D. occupy the dominant position in the Russian market. For 25 years since the foundation, almost every product of the company released to the market has deserved special attention and become the leader of the segment. Aladdin R.D. products and solutions became a standard in many enterprise and governmental structures.