For every small or medium-size organization using Microsoft’s business plans, there is a vivid threat of cyberattacks by cybercriminals and hackers. According to a report by the University of Maryland, cybercriminals are intruding on business data once every 39 seconds. The reports state that some computers were infiltrated by an average of 2,244 times a day!

Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) is an essential platform for many businesses and is considered the world’s most famous office productivity suite. It is a subscription-based suite of business operations and security applications and services that includes business-class email, cloud storage, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), etc.

Privacy & Regulatory Issues

Privacy-related topics can be relevant when planning a Microsoft 365 Intranet. The regulatory and legal needs can be complex and primarily based on organizational needs. Particularly problematic aspects related to the reduced level of control due to the decentralized approach and the dependency on the service provider.

Email Security

Email is the primary source of attack that M365 users face, as 96% of breaches are coming through email. With the onset of remote/hybrid working models, hackers are more focused on invading collaboration applications such as Microsoft teams. Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Email Security has mentioned a 220% rise in phishing incidents during the height of the global pandemic compared to the yearly average.

Microsoft Office 365

Need of Microsoft 365 Security Solutions

Managing  Microsoft 365 security can be a big challenge, especially now because the global pandemic has rushed businesses towards remote working options. Sharing of sensitive business data over a public network makes many companies an ideal target for cyber-attacks. There are many solutions on the market to secure the Microsoft 365 environment to avoid these situations. These tools create a security center that monitors security and configure devices, users, and apps. They also generate alerts for suspicious activity. 

M365 Security Plus

M365 Security Plus is a complete security solution that strengthens and protects Microsoft 365 environments. It generates extensive audit reports to monitor numerous users and admin activities. M365 Security Plus helps companies stay on top of service outages with continuous monitoring of the performance and health of Microsoft 365 services. It also allows to configure custom alert profiles and receive immediate email alerts for critical occurrences and indicators of security breaches. It also provides advanced security features like mailbox content search and threat analysis to help maintain the security architecture of the Microsoft 365 setup.

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