Log Management

Need of Cloud Log Management Solutions in 2021

Most businesses are migrating to cloud technology because of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the new need to handle work from remote devices. To work smoothly in this ultra-competitive time, the organizations must devise a comprehensive plan to leverage every asset at their disposal. To centrally manage multiple cloud resources, log data is essential for measuring and optimizing the application’s performance and security. In addition, log data is valuable to identify and rectify critical issues to improve application performance quickly.

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Emerging Cybersecurity Trends in 2021

The forced transition of work from home due to Covid-19 has changed the technology landscape for the business world. This transition involves unplanned cloud migrations and immediate purchase of IT devices and services to accommodate the changes. This shift to remote work has resulted in significant implications for the world of cybersecurity. Companies have adopted standard security measures that cannot deal with the new levels of vulnerability and risk associated with cybercrimes to keep business running. 

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Cloud Audit

Why Audit Your Cloud Resources and Environment?

Cloud environment supports the essential aspects of business, for example, customer data, innovative applications, and critical processes. To analyze the capacity measures resulting in incompetent or unnecessary expenditure, there is a need to review, audit, and optimize the cloud infrastructure. This allows businesses to have better financial control and gain more visibility for cloud estate. It is crucial to have clear visibility of the cloud from the aspects of management and control and have a regular audit of IaaS infrastructure to keep business on track.

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Cyber Security

How does Cybersecurity Impact Businesses Globally?

As businesses move more and more towards cloud practices, cybersecurity is essential for them to share important information in a highly secure manner. Although the online way has made it a lot easier to share data, this has threatened private information that could be easily breached if no security measure is adopted. According to a survey of the EU’s cybersecurity agency ENISA,  there are 230,000 new malware infections reported every day.

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What are the Types of Office 365 Migrations, and which one is Right for your Business?

With the increasing use of cloud computing, more and more companies are switching to Office 365 to use their cloud-based features for communication, collaboration, and productivity.

However, migration systems can create frustration when managing new and old platforms. Employees may feel frustrated if they are suddenly asked to switch email systems, and you need to make sure your data is safe during transport. Besides, migrants can take a few weeks to several months.

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Service Desk Plus

What is Service Desk Plus, and how it helps organizations with IT Service Management?

Service Desk Plus (SDP) the Flagship product of ManageEngine used worldwide by ITSM professionals. SDP is a complete suite for ITSM functionalities with easy-to-use capabilities and mobile compatible apps.

Indeed, ServiceDesk Plus for IT management leverages the latest Ticketing System technology based on the ITIL framework to help IT support teams deliver top-class service to end-users with minimal cost and complexity. As SDP is available in 29 different languages, more than 100,000 organizations across 185 countries use Service Desk Plus to enhance the IT service desk performance and optimize the IT service management operations.

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Endpoint Central (Formerly Desktop Central)

ManageEngine Endpoint Central (Formerly Desktop Central): The Best SCCM Alternative

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing organizations worldwide to shift their offices to the work-from-home environment. Thus, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions are essential to enable the business to operate securely. 

ManageEngine is constantly evolving its solutions to meet these dynamic market needs. Indeed, they are a leader in solving business challenges for IT management. Their Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software specializes in focusing on device management as well as security. It helps manage devices, servers, laptops, mobile phones, and Point-of-Sales (POS) from multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. Moreover, Endpoint Central (Formerly Desktop Central) automates the complete endpoint management lifecycle.

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Site24x7 Partnership

Kidan & Site24x7 – Partnership

Kidan is pleased to announce its partnership with Site24x7 to provide the best-in-class Performance Monitoring solutions for DevOps and IT Operations.

“As a customer-centric company, the partnership with Site24x7, a leader in providing availability and end-user experience monitoring solutions to organizations around the world, enables Kidan to provide even better services and solutions to our customers. We look forward to our successful endeavors with Site24x7.”

Dani SYED, Founder & CEO of Kidan Sàrl

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Kidan - Quest Partnership

Kidan – Quest Partnership

Since 2019, Kidan has been a Swiss and strategic partner of Quest Software – one of the best software companies that provide solutions to manage and secure organizations for on-premises as well as in a cloud-based IT environments. With common goals, Kidan – Quest Partnership strive to work towards innovative ideas and provide valuable solutions for the customer through cognitive collaboration offerings.

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What are ITSM and ITIL, and Why integrate them into Business Enterprises?

To organize and execute service management strategies for a business environment, the owners may run into challenges managing a steady-state and keeping everyone on the same page. These challenges include but are not limited to balancing internal and external views of IT services, stability and responsiveness, cost and quality, and reactive and proactive service delivery. Companies are most likely to develop an effective strategy to respond to these changes to accommodate these continuous emerging technologies. For effective and well-structured management of all IT services, a company requires ITSM.

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